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05 November 2010

Democracy in Action starts to educate the voters

Peja, 5 November 2010 - "Democracy in Action" network of Non Government Organisations (NGOs), with the support of Balkan Trust for Democracy (BTD) and the British Embassy, organised a roundtable to discuss some of the most important issues that have been amended in the Law on Elections and in order to encourage a higher number of people to participate in the coming general elections, with the Get Out and Vote slogan.

Those present in this round table are representatives from civil society, Municipal Election Commission (MEC), and local journalists from the region of Peja.

During this roundtable, which was moderated by Veton Mujaj, there were a number of issues identified that had followed previous elections, and it was debated for the possibility of eliminating those irregularities presented then, such as: non informing in time regarding the procedure of voting and the process of changing the polling station, the need to clear the civil registration lists, and low level of engagement of different stakeholders such as CEC and the political parties in educating the voters.

MEC Presidents have criticised the political parties that the latter are not working with their electorate, as they are the most important in elections, and expressed their position that they will do everything possible to prevent the manipulation of votes in the elections of 12 December.

In the mean time, the civil society and the media have in this roundtable criticised CEC that the letter shall work harder to update the lists in cooperation with other responsible institutions, and in possessing a more professional staff working as commissioners.

The amendment of the Law on Elections has also been analysed and it has been assessed that completion of this Law will positively affect the process of elections, including the voting for only five candidates and not ten as it was before, and inclusion in the voting process of the first candidate in the list (the carrier of the list) excluding the possibility that votes automatically go to the latter.

Finally, all those present concluded that all the institutions of Kosovo and other stakeholders involved in the election process are responsible for a democratic process of elections.

Recommendations that came out of this roundtable and that directly affect in the level of participation of voters in the elections were:

  1. Cleaning and updating the electoral lists

  2. Informing the voters in time when there are changes of their polling stations

  3. Educating the voters how they should vote and this shall be done by the parties, CEC, and by MEC, as well as by the civil society and media.