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18 November 2010

"Democracy in Action" promotes Action Strategy for Monitoring of December 12th Elections

Domestic NGOs Coalition “Democracy in Action” promoted Action Strategy
for Monitoring of December 12th Elections and started Trainings for Long Term Observers (LTOs) for these elections.

In front of a panel consisted of German and Swisss Ambassadors, the representatives of UK Embassy and USAID in Kosovo, DiA presented the Strategy for Election Monitoring.

Ismet Kryeziu, the head of DiA Coalition, stated that a number of 4,800 observers will be deployed on the election day, with 2,400 of them observing voting process, and other 2,400 the counting process. Democracy in Action is also monitoring Registration of Political Parties, their candidates and the work of Central Election Commission and also maintaining regular contacts with Municipal Election Commissions.

“All eyes of over 2 million citizens of Kosovo and our friends from all over the world are on us and in our capabilities to demonstrate maturity in this political procss and in the development of democracy in Kosovo” concluded Kryeziu, issuing an appeal to all political partes for free, fair competition and participation of all citizens of Kosovo.

Ambssadors of countries supporting Democracy in Action have evaluated this project of a high importance . Hans-Dieter Steinbach – German Ambassador expressed the pleasure of being able to support DiA, calling the coalition a trusting partner. “Through Funds for Stability Pact, we supported Democracy in Action, in last years Local Elections and we were pleased with the result of this cooperation, therefore decided to support DiA again this year, in strengthening their monitoring capacities”, said Steinbach.

Lukas Beglinger – Swiss Ambassador hightlighted the fact that these are the first parliamentary elections afte the Declaration of Independence and the opportunity for citizens of Kosovo to have their say. “It is a momentous test for commitments that Kosovo should undertake in the future”, said Mr Begliger, adding that Switzerland is committed to support free and independent elections.

Representatives of UK Embassy and USAID also stressed that free and democratic elections are one of the pillars of European democracies.

Democracy in Action has started trainings for long term observers (LTOs) that will be continued with traninings for short term observers (STOs). Next week, trainings for observers of financial expensies during election campaign will be organized.