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24 November 2010

Preliminary election results for mayor of Rahovec

Media Statement

On Sunday, November 21, around 10:00 pm, Democracy in Action provided preliminary results of the mayoral election in Rahovec. These preliminary results were collected by phone from monitors each of the 71 polling stations, and the results tabulated were entered in central data base for the election.

On Monday, November 22, as a result of a request from AAK - who disputed the results of three of the polling stations - Democracy in Action undertook an immediate investigation into the data collected from three specific polls. DiA immediately contacted the election monitors in each of these polls to check the veracity of the information that was collected and recorded on Election Day, November 21.

As a result of interviewing the election observers, DiA discovered a discrepancy in two of the polls (1612A/03R and 1623A/01R) between the numbers that were phoned in to the observation headquarters and the numbers that were entered into the central database. In two of the polls, while the observers had phoned in the correct information, the data had been incorrectly written on the report at the call center and subsequently incorrectly entered into the database. DiAs preliminary results were based on this central data bank.

It is customary for DiA to double check the source documents submitted by each election monitor in the days following the election. DiA is confident that the errors discovered in these two polling stations would have been discovered in due course as part of preparing the final report.

DiA apologizes for any confusion that this discrepancy due to technical errors while entering the data into central database may have caused, and resolves to work closely within the coalition with volunteers and elections monitors to minimize the potential for error in the future.