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05 December 2010

Press Release

Prishtin, 5 December 2010 Coalition of NGOs Democracy in Action, in its press conference presented regular report on the monitoring of the electoral campaign for 12 December 2010 Parliamentary Elections.

Democracy in Action presented data that has to do with deeds and activities of political entities which are evaluated that completely contradict with Code of Conduct for Political Entities and their Candidates.

Albulena Sadiku board member of the Democracy in Action mentioned some of the data that are recorded in the meetings of the political entities which are: forbidden behaviour of the civil servants, posting electoral campaign material in public buildings, the use of children in electoral campaign, damage of electoral material by the political entities, non registration of the activities in the MEC, etc.

During the conference were presented also the results of the research that monitored the promotional costs of the political entities in the daily press, portals, and information agencies in the internet for the period 01-04 December 2010.

Based on this research, it comes that up to now political entities have spent 59.395 , while in the portals and agencies in internet 9600 . Based on Driton Selmanaj representative of the Democracy in Action, Democratic Party of Kosova (PDK) is leading with promotional costs in the press with 35.230 , while it is followed by the AKR with 14.389 and LDK with 4.264 .

The findings of this research brings PDK as leading with promotional expenditures in portals and informative agencies in internet with 3.400 , followed by LDK with 2.850 , Self-determination movement with 1.200 said Mr. Selmanaj.

Democracy in Action has engaged 70 long term observers for monitoring the election campaign and 63 cost monitoring observers. On 12 December, during the Election Day will be engaged 5000 observers that are going to monitor the voting and counting process. DiA will also engage mobile team observers to provide support to static observers based on the emerging needs.


Presentation for the period 01-04 december 2010 - Download here