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10 December 2010

Press Conference

Prishtina, 10 December 2010 Democracy in Action (DiA) coalition of Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs) at a press conference presented its data on how the electoral campaign for parliamentary elections of 12 December 2010 went on.

Representatives of Democracy in Action estimated that despite some actions and activities that have been evidenced and that are against the Code of Conduct on Political Parties, in general, the electoral campaign can be considered as smooth, fair, and democratic.

Driton Selmanaj, DiA representative, cited some data which are recorded in some political gatherings, such as the use of public resources, establishment of propaganda material in public buildings, the use of children in electoral activities, damage of propaganda material by political parties, failure to submit the calendar of activities to the Municipal Election Commission (MEC), etc.

In this conference there are also presented the results from research and monitoring of political parties costs to promote themselves in daily newspapers, web portals (online informative agencies), for 1 9 December 2010.

According to this research, political parties for promotion in the daily newspapers alone during this period in total spent 208.529, while on the web portals they spent 18.800. Driton Selmanaj, said that Democratic Party of Kosovo (PDK) in daily newspapers spent the most with 103,062, followed by Alliance New Kosova (AKR) coalition with 60.765, Democratic League of Kosova (LDK) with 25.870, Future Alliance of Kosova (AAK) with 8.396, New Spirit party (FER) with 5.443, Democratic League of Dardania (LDD) with 2.824, Turkish Democratic Party of Kosovo (KDTP) with 1.136, and Self-determination Movement (Vetvendosje) with 1.033.

According to this research, PDK also leads on spending on promotion of itself on the web portals with 4.500, followed by LDK with 4.300, AAK with 2.900, AKR with 2600, FER with 2.300, and Vetvendosje with 2.200, added Mr Selmanaj.

DiA also published the presentation of findings from the monitoring of the media for the first 5 (five) days of the electoral campaign. Part of this monitoring were three national televisions and all daily newspapers, wish are monitored for quantitative and qualitative coverage of activities of political parties.

Krenar Gashi, DiA Board member, said that during the first five days of the campaign, most of the media reported in a balanced manner on the activities of the political parties.

During the qualitative monitoring of the news on the three televisions with national frequencies, there have been observed some confusion on reporting the electoral campaign activity of the resigned prime minister, Hashim Thai, and the resigned members of cabinet. These activities, even though they were part of the campaign are reported as if they were news from the state protocol. Such reports are mostly registered in the main news edition of Radio Television Kosova (RTK), where five different cases of pre-election activities of the PDK are qualified and reported as news, and not as election chronicle, said Mr Gashi.

Also according to this research it is noted that most of the daily newspapers have reported in a worthy and equal manner on political parties. An exception is made by Infopress newspaper, which around 40 % of its part dedicated to pre-electoral campaign covers the activities of only one political party: PDK.

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