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14 December 2010

Press Conference

Prishtinė, 14 December 2010 – Coalition of NGOs Democracy in Action has presented the data received from coalition field observers on 12 December parliamentary elections voting day. The chairperson of the Democracy in Action Ismet Kryeziu emphasized that during the day collected most of the forms from the polling stations and after the verification and analysis general findings were concluded, which constitutes:

  1. Even though some of the irregularities have damaged the election process, general process of the parliamentary elections has fulfilled most of the international standards for free and fair elections;

  2. Necessary election material was not present in all polling stations or was sent with delay in some of them, and at some occasions was of the inappropriate quality;

  3. Observers of the Democracy in Action have noticed that in some polling stations ultra violet lamps were not functional due to the bad quality and this phenomenon was noticed in biggest part of the polling stations Kosova wide.

  4. In some polling stations were recorded the attempt cases of multiple voting, and assistance provision to more then one person, which raises the suspicions for pressure during the voting.

  5. In Zveqan and village Banjska of this municipality were blocked mobile teams of the CEC from unknown persons and as consequence in this polling stations were cancelled voting.

  6. It is noticed an increase in the number of the multiple voting and attempt to vote more then one time. This is combined with technical irregularities and many polling stations had deficiency of the ultra violet lamps and invisible spray as it was in: Pejė, Mitrovicė, Malishevė, Ferizaj, Prizren, Shtime and Gjakovė.

  7. Furthermore, in some pooling stations was identified presence of unauthorised persons and assistance provision to more then one person, even in cases when this assistance was not required by the citizens.

Afterwards, Mr. Kryeziu presented also the data from the observers of the Democracy in Action from the cities of Skenderajt and Drenas which reported irregularities and manipulation of votes. Based on Mr. Kryeziu after verification of the data provided from observers of the Democracy in Action in this two cities were concluded:

  • There were cases when number of the ballots exceeded number of the signatures in the list of voters. Such cases were recorded in these polling stations: Skenderaj -2101b/05d; 2103b/03; 2101x /02; 2101x/04; 2016b/04; 2107b/ 05. While in municipality of Drenasit: 0317E/04; 0301x/04; 0301E/04; 0305E/02; 0310E/01; 0306E/05; 0320E/03.

  • There were cases of falsification of the signatures in the Final Voters List (were one person signs for some others)

  • In many polling stations the estimated time of voting for one voter was 1.35 minutes, while necessary approximate of voting is 5-7 minutes.

  • There were identified cases of 100% voters’ turnout from the total number of registered in the Voters List: 0309E/02. Furthermore in 27 polling stations in Drenas was identified that voters turnout percentage was 90% out of the total number from the registered voters, while in Skenderaj in most polling stations this figure was even exceeded.

  • There were identified similar voters turnout numbers also in many different polling stations.

  • There were identified some cases were number of the voters turnout concluded with full numbers such as 300, 400, 500, etc.

Based on the chairperson of the Democracy in Action, coalition makes call to all relevant constitutional institutions to undertake all measures foreseen with law to restore the free citizens’ vote.

Democracy in Action highly evaluates the work of the observers of this coalition, being aware of unfavourable circumstances that were found in some polling centres and polling stations, emphasized Mr. Kryeziu.

The question of journalist why Democracy in Action did not publicised results from all polling stations, Mr. Kryeziu responded that after the publication of the result from 51% polling stations in Kosova, Democracy in Action has decided to not publicise preliminary results for the other part due to necessity of confirmation of the data from field and non inclusion of the results for municipalities of Skenderajt and Drenasit. We are waiting for decision of the ECAP regarding these municipalities, afterwards we will publicise final results of the Democracy in Action for Parliamentary Elections, continued Mr. Kryeziu.