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09 January 2011

Press Release [ 12:00 o'clock ]

Prishtinė, 9 January 2011 – Coalition of NGOs Democracy in Action continues with monitoring of the voting process in the municipalities of Skenderajt, Drenasit, Deēanit and in two polling stations in Malishevė and Lipjan.

As reported by the field observers till 12:00 o clock voted:

Skenderaj: 11.725 or 23.77 %, Deēan: 4.669 or 12.54 %, Drenas: 9.667 or 20.72 % Malishevė: 433 or 14.6 %, and Lipjan 555 or 23.56.

Observers of the Democracy in Action reported the following irregularities:

In Drenas and Skenderaj have being recorded 31 cases of multiple voting in 10 polling stations. In Koreticė e Epėrme - Drenas, 0303e/01r, have being recorded five cases of the multiple voting, even the chairperson of this polling station voted twice without being stopped by anyone. While in polling station 0303e/02d one person assisted more than 8 times; while it is also reported presence of unauthorised persons in this polling centre.

In 38 polling stations (22 Skenderaj, 11 Drenas and 5 from Deēan), are recorded cases of assistance to more than one person.

Runikė - Skenderaj – in polling station 2114b/03d have being recorded 3 cases of open voting without documents.

Likovc - Skenderaj, in polling station 2103b/02r have being recorded cases of voting without documents.

Aqarevė - Skenderaj, in polling station 2104b/01r one person is allowed to vote twice for (2) elderly persons that were not able to come from vehicle and enter the polling station for voting.

Qikatovė e Re - Drenas, in polling station 0320e/02r, one person has requested to take the ballot at home in order to assist one person with disability to vote. The same was not issued ballot.

Deēan, in polling station 0101c/035 representatives of political entity has distributed cookies and used opportunity to ask voters to vote for respective candidate of that political entity.

Family voting: till 12:00 have being recorded 300 cases of family voting in five municipalities.

Democracy in Action also this time has engaged 500 observers’, two persons at each polling station and one from respective municipality and the second one from other municipality, while also having 10 mobile observation teams.