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10 January 2011

Press Release [ 18:00 o’clock ]

Prishtinė, 9 January 2011 – Coalition of NGOs Democracy in Action continues with monitoring of the voting process in the municipalities of Skenderajt, Drenasit, Deēanit and in two polling stations in Malishevė and Lipjan.

As reported by the field observers, till 16:00 pm the % of the voters turnout was as follows:
Skenderaj 24.768 or 50.22% , Drenas 19.720 or 42.27%, Deēan 10.245 or 27.51%, Lipjan 1.094 or 46.43% and Malishevė 911 or 29.28%.

Based on the data provided from the field the observers of the DiA until 16:00 were recorded the following irregularities:

Assisting more than one person:
Skenderaj, Polac i Ri - 2107b/02r, one person has assisted more than 40 other persons.
Skenderaj, Klinė e Epėrme - 2106b/03r – one person has assisted ten (10) other persons.

Multiple voting:
Llaushė, Skenderaj - 2115b/04d – has being recorded four (4) cases; Abri e Epėrme, Drenas in the polling center 0307e in three polling stations were recorded 35 cases of multiple voting.
Qikatovė e Re, Drenas, 0320e/01r – was recorded one case of the multiple voting.

Lack of electric supply
Nė Llapushnik and Negrovc of Drenasit had cut of the supply with electricity and as consequence was stopped the voting process in Negrovc 0314e/02d. While in Llapushnik regardless of the electricity cut for more than 45 minutes continued the voting process and in polling station 0317e/01r even with increased intensity.
Polac i Ri, Skenderaj – 2107b/2r, the halls of the polling center did not had electricity, while its polling stations had very weak lights.

Voting without identification documents
Makermal, Skenderaj – 2122b/01d were recorded few cases of voting without ID-s.
Drenoc, Malishevė 3008a/03r – one observer votes without ID.

Presence of unauthorised persons
Polac i Ri, Skenderaj, 2107b/04r were recorded presence of unauthorised persons in the polling center.

Other irregularities:
Strellc i Epėrm – Deēan – 0105c/01r – the candidates list in the voting lodge had the names of the few candidates circled.
Llaushė, Skenderaj - 2115b/01r in the voting lodge was found list with names of five candidates of one political entity.
Llapushnik, Drenas - 0317e/01r – husband votes for his wife while she was not even present in the polling station.
Skenderaj, Burojė 2125b/02d – one voter has noticed that other person has signed on his behalf in the voters list. The voter insisted that she did not exercise her right previously.

Checkout with UV lamp
Qikatovė e Re Drenas, 0320e/01r – was not used the lamp for many cases
Abri e Epėrme – Drenas 0307e/03d – lamp was not used in many occasions.

Family voting
In all polling stations were recorded more than 400 cases of the family voting. Now we are in closing of the voting process. We make a call to all commissioners, political parties and their sympathisers to show political maturity in order that closing and counting process commences in regular way.