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10 January 2011

Preliminary statement concerning the process of voting in Municipalities of Skenderajt, Drenasit, Deēanit and in two voting centres in Malishevė and Lipjan

Democracy in Action is coalition of Kosovar nongovernmental organizations. It was established on 2007, most of them had previous experience in monitoring of the elections. Democracy in Action supports promotion of the free and fair elections as essential part of a democratic society. Main aim of the Democracy in Action is to ensure election process based on international standards and political leadership that inspires trust amongst citizens.

The mission of the Coalition Democracy in Action is to enhance the trust in democratic practices through promotion and support of the free and fair elections.

Through participation of the civil society, this coalition promotes: Participation in free and fair elections through voters education, builds the trust and transparency in impartiality of elections; promotes the right and obligation of citizens to be part of the election process, and cooperates with other national regional and international organizations for enhancement of the democratic life in Kosova.

During the voting process in municipalities of Deēan, Skenderaj, Drenas and in two voting centres in Malishevė and Lipjan, democracy in Action has engaged more than 500 observers, and few mobile teams. Additionally, Democracy in Action has engaged near 60 volunteers in Calling and Registration centre.

Voters’ turnout

Based on the data received from observers of the Democracy in Action the number of the voters that exercised their right to vote in Municipalities that were part of the voting process, were as follows:

Skenderaj 57.97 %; Drenas 53.77% (without inclusion of two voting stations in Korreticė e Epėrme, because of the withdrawal of the DiA observers due to the threats they received); Deēan 33.79 %; Lipjan 53.06 % and Malishevė 36.30 %.

General findings from the Election Day:

  1. Process of voting in five Kosova municipalities on 09 January 2011, has being followed by the irregularities that accompanied election process of the 12 December 2010.

  2. From the aspect of the technical organization, CEC has ensured that necessary election material to be present in all polling stations in foreseen time, and no remarks were raised regarding their quality. Though, it was recorded that in some cases commissioners did not use ultraviolet lamps.

  3. Democracy in Action evaluates that regardless of the change of the commissioners by the CEC, were not met the expectations for elusion of the irregularities.

  4. Election process was held under pressure and at some cases were recorded situations of threats toward the observers of the Democracy in Action, even some of them were expelled from polling station; during the voting and counting process (in two cases): in village Kllodernicė of Skenderaj the tires in the vehicle of the DiA observers were flattened, which event requested police intervention to ensure their safety.

  5. During the voting process were recorded 68 cases of the multiple voting.

  6. Hence during this process were recorded 227 cases when one person assisted more the one time.

  7. Family voting continues to remain frequent violation in election process in Kosova. Family voting and presence of more than two persons in the voting lodge were emphasized in many polling stations. 2344 cases of family voting were recorded.

  8. During this process came across the problem of electricity cuts in seven (7) polling stations.

  9. As well were recorded many cases of the presence of unauthorised persons in polling stations and assistance to more than one person, even in cases when assistance was not requested.

  10. Democracy in Action calls upon competent institutions to undertake actions towards persons involved in irregularities, in order to vouch them for their illegal activities.

  11. Counting process is being followed with some irregularities, such as discrepancy between number of the signatures and number of the ballots in the ballot boxes.

  12. Furthermore in five polling stations were recorded cases of the fulfilment of the forms by the commissioners, which laid the number of the votes to the candidates preferred by the commissioners, without counting the ballots of the political entities by candidate.