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29 March 2011

Workshop: “Civil Society Organizations input on the Draft Report on Parliamentary Election Monitoring Report 2010 and the need for an Election Reform”

Prishtinė, 29 March 2011, Democracy in Action on Tuesday organized a workshop on the topic “Civil Society Organizations input on the Draft Report on Parliamentary Election Monitoring Report 2010 and the need for an Election Reform”. In this workshop participants from civil society organizations, local and regional experts discussed regarding the Draft Report on 2010 Parliamentary Elections Monitoring as well as for the Electoral Legislation Amendments Analysis .

During the workshop CSOs representatives presented their recommendations regarding these discussion papers and also discussed about the future steps that should obtained by civil society organizations in order to ensure a proper reform of the election system.

Regional Expert, Mr. Darko Aleksov – Executive Director of MOST, an NGO with election monitoring profile in Republic of Macedonia showed examples followed by civil society organizations in reforming the electoral system in his state. Also, Mr. Aleksov presented his concrete recommendations, which in the future can be used to ensure a free, fair and democratic election process. The Former Head of CEC, Mr. Mazllum Baraliu also an expert with good knowledge of the circumstances in our country proposed some changes in the composition of the working group for election reform, also the need of widening the public debate about this issue which will result with amendments approved by Kosovas Assembly.

A general conclusion that emerged from this workshop appears be the necessity for drafting of an Election Code, which will be presented as a single document – and will avoid the practice of drafting a few laws that deal with this issue and which in some cases appear to be even contradictory to each other. Also, regarding the Europeans Commission Progress Report 2010 recommendations, these drafted laws should be consistent with international election standards. By reflecting recommendations from the findings of Democracy in Action from the last parliamentary elections, the electoral reform appears to be a necessity in building of a proper election system.
The organization of this workshop could not be possible without continuous support of The Balkan Trust for Democracy, Kingdom of the Netherlands and the British Embassy Pristina.