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31 July 2013

DiA advocates for inclusion of women in the election proces

Prishtin, 30 July 2013 - Democracy in Action held a public debate with the womens informal parliamentary group in order to discuss the inclusion of women in the electoral process.
In this debate a number of problems encountered int he previous elections wer raised, such as family voting, the low number of women int he election management bodies, low number of women observers and the low participation of women in the voting process.
This debate was attended by member of the Central Election Commission (CEC), political entities, womens informal parliamentary group, heads of women forums in political entities, representatives of civil society and international organizations.

Shqipe Gjocaj, project manager at KDI said that political entities are not being considerate about the importance of gender balance in the election process. Refering to the nominations of political entiteis about the member of the Municipal Election Commission, Gjocaj said for the Nov 3 local elections, of 288 members nominated from political entities, 253 of them are men, wherease only 27 are women. In other words, 90% men and 10% women.

Valdete Daka, CEC Chair, said although the legal framework provides for representation of women, the legal framework is not well respected. According to the Chair, the increase in the number of women in the election management bodies will address the problems encountered in the last elections because women have not been accused or involved in irregularities throughout the process. Daka also invited the political entities to nominate more women in the election management bodies.

The members of the parliament, amogst the womens informal parliamentary group, expressed their support for the DiA initiative to advocate for representation of women in the election process.