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03 November 2013

Press release (14 h)

Prishtina, November 3, 2013 (14 h) - The coalition of NGOs “Democracy in Action” (DiA) is monitoring the election process in the entire territory of the Republic of Kosovo with the 1,600 observers as well as several mobile teams.

According to our observers 14% of voters have turned up until 14:00

Over 100 cases of Family Voting:

Prishtina – In the Polling Center 1924E, “Meto Bajraktari”, 22 cases of family voting have been reported. Observers have also reported the presence of deceased in the Voters’ Lists.

Skenderaj, Prekaz i Epërm, 2105B – 10 cases of family voting.
Prizren, polling station 2014a/01R, the centre “Besim Brecaj” – 6 cases of family voting.
Prizren, polling station “Mustafa Bakija” – 5 cases.
Rahovec, polling centre “Bajram Curri”- 3 cases of family voting
Ferizaj, Softaj, “Meto Bajraktari” – 3 cases of family voting, whereas in the polling centre “Vuk Karagjic”, Greme, 2507d/05R there are 14 cases of family voting.
Suharekë, Doberdelan - 23 cases of family voting
Lipjan, the centre “Ismail Luma” - 15 cases of family, Gadime “Zenel Hajdini” centre - 15 cases, Llugaxhi - 7 cases, Rubovc - 5 cases.
Gjilan, “Thimi Mitko” - 7 cases.

Photographing the Ballot

Gjilan, Musa Zajmi, 0402x/04R – a suspicious case of photographing the ballot.
Lipjan, Gadime, station 1307E, centre “Zenel Hajdini” – a case of vote photography was reported, and two cases when the same person assisted more than one voter.
Suharekë, Doberdelan – a case of photographing the ballot was reported
Mitrovcicë, centre “Avduyllah Shabani”, station 1102/06, it is suspected a case of photographing the ballot.
Ferizaj, Softaj – a case of photographing was reported.

Other violations:

Prizren, in the centre Motrat Qiriazi dhe Abdyl Frashëri, a few cases of un-authorized persons in the polling center halls were reported that was seen as pressuring voters.

Prishtina, centre “Dukagjin Zeqiraj” – a person reported that another person has signed under his name.
Pejë, station 1705C/06 – The PDK observers put pressure on voters by assisting them in the voting cabins.
Has, Mazrek – it has been reported that the voters’ fingers are not checked, and the voting is being conducted without being controlled.
Novobërd, station 1403D – there person shave tried to vote twice.
Rahovec, Zaqisht, station 1356, center “Haki Stërmilli” – a person has assisted three different people.
Mitrovicë, station 1104, centre “Ismail Qemali” – It is suspected for weak spray quality. In the same place, un-authorized persons are noticed.
Prizren, station 2003a/02R – it has been reported for the presence of dead people in the voters’ list.
Prishtinë , station 1907e 02/d – a person attempted to vote twice.
Drenas , Qikatovë e re, station 0301e – an unidentified person is putting pressure on the citizens to vote for his daughter, who is running for MP municipality.
In Dragash where the Goran community constitutes the majority, it has been reported for the presence of unauthorized persons who have stopped voters to have a discussion which is considered as an imposition for whom to vote.
Prishtinë, centre “Hasan Prishtina”, station 1909E/05 R – a commissioner has voted twice, and it has been prove that his finger was sprayed. In the centre in question, a woman found her dead husband in the voters’ list, and promotional material was found in the centre as well.
Skenderaj, Turiqevc, station 2117B, centre Abedin Rexha – an attempt for double voting was reported.

DiA calls upon the citizens of Kosovo to take part in elections and exercise their constitutional right to vote.