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03 November 2013

Press release (18 h)

Prishtina, November 3, 2013 (18 h) - Democracy in Action is monitoring the electoral process. According to reports from our observers until 18:00 PM, the progress of the electoral process is as follows:

Terms and Conditions for a free vote

Based on the data collected from DiA observers - up to this point, the overall assessment is that the process is conducted with incidents that are being quickly isolated with rapid intervention of the institutions responsible for the elimination of tensions. Overall, it is worth mentioning that these incidents were isolated and quickly solved, there was no need for intervention of law enforcement authorities or the closure of any polling station that would prevent citizens to cast their votes.
NORTH / exception, is the situation in North Mitrovica were based on reports of our observers, besides the Bosniak neighborhood, the voting process was terminated and in the Sveti Sava School and the school of Medicine, groups of people have thrown tear gas in the polling stations, the city also heard gunshots and some injuries are alleged. Observers have withdrawn from the observation process and we do not have any more information about this part.

Unauthorized people

Although the prosecution, police and investigators promised full commitment to help secure a free vote and to create a peaceful voting atmosphere, in many polling stations, unauthorized individuals were observed who attempted to influence the determination of citizens to vote.

Family Voting Continues to be present:

This phenomenon is evident in several polling stations. The right to a secret ballot was mostly violated towards women whose voting choice was imposed by husband, son or brother.
Pristina, in primary school “Hasan Prishtina" in 1909e/05r center, 4 cases of family voting was reported.

Photographing the Vote

It is suspected that a significant number of voters continue to photograph their vote even-though the new Criminal Code of Kosovo and the recent decision by the CEC penalizes this act. This phenomenon is generally known as the phenomenon of “corrupt vote.”
Pristina – in the Faculty of Economics at the center 1913e/04r, a suspected case of photographing the vote was reported.
Prizren – in “March 11” school in center 2042a/14 r, different cases of photographing the vote were reported.
In the Elementary school " Abdullah Shabani "in 1102x/04r center ,suspicious cases of photographing the vote were reported.

Voting on behalf of others

In some cases voters found out that their name was signed and it probably came more as a result of poor training of commissioners for proper control and identification of documents or perhaps as a result of vote rigging.
Pristina - Elementary School “Hasan Prishtina” 1909e/05r, one commissioners voted twice.

Attempts to vote more than once / multiple voting

There have been attempts by irresponsible citizens to vote twice, but it is worth noting that the reaction of commissioners was strict and they were not allowed to vote more than once.
Peja – In Dardania School, were also allowed voting at the polling station where the condition identified cases of double voting.
Pristina - The Faculty of Economics at the center 1913e/09r, a person tried to vote twice.
Pristina - The Faculty of Philology in 1906e/16r center, a person attempted to vote twice.
Prizren - School “March 11 “in center 2042a/14 r , some people from the Turkish community, tried to vote twice.

Lists of voters still contain names of the dead

The voters’ list continues to be unclean and contain the names of deceased persons. So far, there have not been any cases reported of voting on behalf of deceased people.
Kamenica - In villages Strezov , Petrova and Kovac , MEC and the municipality has sent out 50 ballots ( sensitive material ) without a police escort.
Kline - in polling stations Drenoc and Kpuzė, where conditional voting is permitted, irregularities were reported, where voters marked their names on a clean A / 4 lists.
Podujevo - In the center 1810 in School “Naum Veqilhargji” in a polling station voting process is interrupted due to friction between commissioners.
Istog- in the village Cerc, in the village school, where the voting process is ongoing, there is no electricity at all.
Dragas - in the village Brezne, problems with voter lists were reported, where the polling stations was changed for many people.
Pristina - at school " Hasan Prishtina " with head 1909e/7r assisted in four people for a vote.
Lipjan - Sllovi village in School " Hasan Zyko Kamberi " with the number 1317 , is reported to attempt to buy votes ( police have arrested a person suspected )
Pristina – in the Faculty of Philology in 1906e/11r center, a case where the same person has assisted in 6 cases was reported.

Turnout in the election

According to DiA, the participation of citizens in elections until 17:00 is about 35 percent of the total number of voters.