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01 December 2013

Press release

Prishtina, 1 December 2013 – The coalition of NGOs Democracy in Action (DiA) is monitoring the election process in the second round of Local Election for municipality mayors. Just like on the 3 November, DiA is conducting the monitoring process with 1600 observers and several mobile teams engaged.
So far, our observers have reported the following data:
The start of the voting flow: The field data show that all polling centers in the country have been opened, except for some polling stations that were delayed 10 to 30 minutes.
The proceeding of the voting process:

  • In Gjakova, polling center “Yll Morina” number 0202x /08r, a case of vote photographing has been reported. At the same time, another case of vote photographing is suspected in the polling center “Hasan Prishtina, 1909e/04r.
  • In Prizren, it has been reported that near the schools “Remzi Ademi” and “11 Marsi” there was presence of promotional material of political entities. Such cases have also been reported in Ferizaj (Pleshinė) in the center “5 dėshmorėt e UĒK-sė”, and in Varosh in the center “Visar Dodani”, in Mitrovica (Sitnicė) in the center “Bedri Gjina”, in Shupkovc in the center “1 Maji”, as well as in Vushtri in the center “Liria” in Zhilivod.
  • In Prizren, in the center “Fadil Hisari” in the Tusuz neighborhood, 20-30 people were constantly standing in front of the doors of the center in question. DiA calls on competent institutions to remove those persons from the space in question in order to avoid possible obstacles and tension on voters.
  • In Lipjan, in the polling center 1305e/02r, a voter has voted openly and made his/her vote public.
  • In the Prishtina, center “Dardania” 1904e/08r, it has been reported that page 34 is missing from the voters’ list.
  • Several other irregularities have been reported, including problems with the voters’ lists, presence of dead persons in the lists, or citizens’ difficulties to find their names on the lists.
    Democracy in Action (DiA) invites all voters to use their democratic and constitutional right, to go out and vote.