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01 December 2013

Three incidents and several violations in the voting process

Prishtina, 1 December 2013 (14h) – The coalition of NGOs Democracy in Action (DiA) is monitoring the election process in the second round of Local Election for municipality mayors where the election runoff is taking place. Up to 12:00h, DiA observers have reported that citizens’ participation in the voting process is around 13%. The observers have reported the following incidents:

  • Mitrovica – In the polling center 1116b/01 at “Tuneli i parė”, two coordinators (food delivers) of PDK and AKR, got into a physical fight within the polling station. The police has arrested the persons in question and has invited the prosecutor to proceed with the case;

  • Gjakova – In the polling center “Yll Morina”, station 0202x /07, the manager of the polling center voted without any ID. An observer from a political entity objected the case and the voting process was interrupted for about 20 minutes. After the police and prosecutor’s intervention, the polling station was opened and the voting process continued;

  • Ferizaj – In Varosh, it is suspected that a civil vehicle possessed a voting box. A witness asked the driver why is there a voting box inside the vehicle in question, and the answer was that the box has been damaged and it will be replaced. The DiA observers asked Municipal Election Committees (MEC) whether there was a problem with voting boxes, but according to MEC there is no such issue.

Other identified violations:

  • Prishtina - In the polling center “Asim Vokshi” 1921x/02, the lamp did not work and as a result, the voting process was interrupted for several minutes, whereas after a while the process continued.

  • Prishtina – In the polling center “Hasan Prishtina” number 1909e/08d, a person has found in the voting list the signature of another person.

  • Gjakova - (Babaj i Bokės) In the center 0228c/01r, it has been reported that a person has attempted to vote with his daughter’s ID:

  • Gjilan – In the polling center “Skėnderbeu”, number 0423d/01R, around 10 o’clock, near the polling center has put promotional material of political entities, respectively the poster a one of the candidates of the election runoff.

  • North Mitrovica – In the center/Technique School, the following violations have been reported:
    • Attempts to vote more than once
    • Attempts to vote with false IDs

Cases when the same person assists the voting process more than once

  • Up to this reporting period, 30 cases when the same person has assisted the voting process more than once have been identified in the following cities: Ferizaj, Gjakovė, Gjilan, Pejė dhe Prishtinė.

  • Family voting

    • DiA field observers have reported a lot of cases of family voting, in all polling centers.

    • Democracy in Action (DiA) invites all voters to use their democratic and constitutional right, to go out and vote.