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13 February 2014

There Are No Free Elections Without Good Intentions

Prishtina , 13 February 2014 – NGO Coalition Democracy in Action ( DiA ) in its conference held today presented the report on observation of local election 2013 titled "There Are No Free Elections Without Good Intentions." Present at the conference were the Ambassador of UK to Kosovo, Ian Cliff, the Ambassador of Norway, Jan Braathu, representatives of parliamentary political parties, representatives of the Central Election Commission and representatives of civil society and media.

Ismet Kryeziu, the head of the NGO coalition Democracy in Action assessed that the administration of local elections in 2013 was much better compared with previous elections. Nevertheless, Mr. Kryeziu mentioned some of the irregularities that occurred in the recent electoral process such as misinformation in the Voters’ List, the large number of invalid ballots and the frequent cases of family voting.

Moreover, Ambassadors Cliff and Braathu praised the process of recent local elections, as well as the importance of monitoring electoral processes by civil society, in this case the role of the observation mission by the coalition Democracy in Action.
According to the Member of the Parliament, Mr. Arsim Bajrami of PDK, in order to avoid the abuse with the votes of citizens, political parties must work in political awareness especially to their militants, so they do not take actions that will harm the electoral process. Regarding the electoral reform, Mr. Bajrami stated that "no entity has proposed a genuine reform, however, we should not go into the next elections without repairing the current law."

Also, Ismet Beqiri MP of LDK, praised the holding of local elections in 2013 and expressed the willingness of his political party, the LDK, for reforming the electoral law, however, according to him the stalling of the reform shall not hold hostage the organization of early parliamentary elections.

Visar Ymeri MP of Self-Determination Movement! said that national elections are different from local ones and when we talk about intervening with electoral reform we should first analyze well what good would be expected from any changes.
On the other hand, MP of AAK Burim Ramadani, spoke about the steps that must be taken by the political entities to move towards parliamentary elections. He said that the need to establish a time schedule for the organization of elections, there should be strong efforts to clear the lists of voters and to ensure the presence of international observers.

Representatives of civil society organizations followed this discussion of representatives of political parties and they evaluated the role of women in the last election, referring to the election of Ms. Mimoza Kusari-Lila as Mayor of Gjakova. Igballe Rogova representative of Kosova Women's Network said that finally we are seeing a proper democracy that is developing in Kosovo.

Other participants present in this conference addressed a number of other issues related to the electoral process such as voter education, electoral campaigns, the process of counting and publication of results and other related issues.

[ Download Election Monitoring Report - click here]