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23 April 2014

Roundtable on Gender Representation on EMBs bodies in 2013 Local Elections

Pristina, 23 of April 2014. IFES and Democracy in Action with the financial support of the USAID organized a two-fold round-table: to launch the report ‘Gender Analysis of Municipal Election Commissions, Polling Station Commissions and Polling Center Managers at the November2013 Municipal Elections in Kosovo’ and to discuss about gender composition of Election Management Bodies in Kosovo, both in central and local level. The aim of the roundtable was to bring together stakeholders involved in electoral processes to discuss the present state of affairs and to find possible ways to improve women representation in Electoral Management Bodies, namely in Municipal Election Commissions, Polling Center and Polling Stations. More than 40 participants attended this roundtable, including Ms. Tanya Urquieta, USAID DGO Director, Ms. Valdete Daka, Head of CEC, Ms. Teuta Sahatqija, head of the Assembly of Kosovo’s Women Caucus - Head of the Youth Department, as well as representatives from numerous political parties, NGOs and media outlets.

USAID representative stressed the importance to increasing the influence of women in decision-making processes and emphasized the importance of women being represented in electoral management bodies also. Ismet Kryeziu, representative of DiA stated that the legal framework guarantees at least 40% representation of each gender in public/state institutions but both politics and institutions so not have a serious approach towards equal gender representation.

As the results of the analyses show that women are underrepresented in EMBs, the representatives of the Assembly of Kosovo and CEC confirmed their willingness to work towards improving the gender composition of all public bodies. As the current state of affairs is not satisfactory some participants such proposed to include in legal framework (either as additional article to the law or as CEC Rule) some kind of gender quota with regard to the composition of EMBs.

[ Download Full report in English language - click here]

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