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08 June 2014

Press Statement 02:00 PM

Prishtina, 8 June 2014 The coalition of NGOs Democracy in Action is continuing its monitoring activities of the election process in the entire territory of Kosovo. Our observers, as of 12:00 have provided the following information:

As reported, the turnout until 12:00 has been above 14 %.

Voting process:

In Gramaqel of Decan municipality, respectively on the voting center 0103/c, voting station 03/r, the observers of political parties are staying in the centers hallway trying to influence and pressure over voters;

In Klina, on the voting center 0103/c, voting station 04/d, one voter has complained that he had found his name on the voters list already signed by someone else;

In Selac of Mitrovica municipality, the CEC has sent only 50 voting ballots, whereas the voters list contains 149 voters. At this time, the voting process has stopped on this voting station due to the non-availability of ballots.
In Vitomirice of Peja municipality, it has been reported that one candidate of PDK is continuously staying on a vehicle near the entrance of the voting station 1706/c.

In Mitrovica as well, near the voting center 1102/b, a vehicle with posters of two candidates of PDK is staying and trying to influence voters.

Family voting

Case of family voting, as one of the most dominant forms of voting in the election processes in Kosovo have been reported throughout the day. As of this reporting period, 3531 of such cases in 523 voting stations or in 1/5 of the total number of voting stations have been reported.

Assistance in voting of more than one person

Cases in which one person has assisted more than one person in all the voting stations in Kosovo have been reported in 341 instances in 61 voting stations.

Not-finding of names in voters lists

1094 instances in 289 voting stations have been reported in which the voters had difficulties or were not able to find their names in the voters lists.

Presence of unauthorized persons

13 cases of unauthorized persons being present in the voting centers have been reported.

Photographing of votes

Our observers have reported 24 cases, 8 of which in Ferizaj in the voting center 2501/y, voting station 10/r, in which the voters have photographed their votes.

Democracy in Action invites all voters to exercise their democratic and constitutional right to vote.

The next conference of Democracy in Action will be held on 18:00 hrs today.