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09 June 2014

Press Statement - 10 AM

Prishtina, 8 June 2014 The coalition of NGOs Democracy in Action is monitoring the election process in the entire territory of Kosovo. For this process, Democracy in Action has engaged 2600 observers in the field as well as some mobile teams.

Our observers have provided the following information:

Opening and the start of the voting process:

All voting centers in the country have opened on time, except two voting stations which have opened with around 30 minutes delay: one in Prizren in the voting center 2009/a, voting station 03/r and one in Drenas in the voting center 0316/e, voting station 02/d.

Voting process:

Presence of political parties marketing material closer than 100 meters from the voting center

The observers have reported 36 cases of political marketing material closer than 100 meters from the voting centers.

Presence of unauthorized persons in voting stations

The observers have reported 28 cases of unauthorized persons being present within voting stations and voting centers.

Control with UV lamp and identification of voters in the list

45 cases have been reported in which the voters havent been controlled with UV lamp from the CEC commissioners.

Obligatory sensitive and non-sensitive materials

26 cases of absence of obligatory sensitive and non-sensitive materials in the voting centers.

Reported incidents

The observer of Democracy in Action in Prishtina has reporter that on the voting center 1920/e, voting station 04 an argument and incident between CEC commissioners has necessitated the intervention of the Police.
Democracy in Action invites the political parties and their supporters to respect the Code of Conduct thus demonstrating maturity and fair competition.

Democracy in Action invites all the voters to exercise their democratic and constitutional right to vote.

The next press conference of Democracy in Action will be held on 02:00 p.m. today.