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15 September 2017

DiA launches the Local Elections 2017 voter outreach campaign

Today, the Coalition of Organizations for Election Observation "Democracy in Action (DiA)" has launched a Local Elections 2017 voter outreach and education campaign. DiA chosen 15 September ‘International Day of Democracy’ to launch this campaign in view of marking this date with the youth of the Prizren municipality through discussion on the importance of participation in elections and the simulation of the exercise of the right to vote as one of the essential values of a democratic system.

At the opening of this event, the Executive Director of Kosovo Democratic Institute, a DiA leading organization, emphasized that this campaign is a continuation of the #AsUne campaign that will primarily focus on informing voters on voting procedure and how to file complaints about irregularities that may be encountered on Election Day.

"We recently came out of an election process that has resulted in a very high number of invalid ballots, despite the fact that the electoral system and voting methods were the same as in 2014.  This increases our concerns even more, knowing that in municipal elections of October 22, voting procedures will be different from those in the parliamentary elections. In order to prevent the loss of citizen votes or reduce the number of invalid ballots we urge from the CEC to make more efforts in education and information of voters on the manner of voting", stated the Executive Director of KDI.

On the other hand, Head of the Political, Economic and European Integration Section at the EU/EUSR office, Riccardo Serri, stated that the International Day of Democracy is an opportunity to reflect on the existing need of every society to empower democratic institutions, civil society and the rule of law.

“The EU Office in Kosovo/The EU Special Representative supports the strengthening of civil society through various projects. This EU-funded campaign and implemented by civil society organizations has an important aim: informing citizens on their right to vote and the manner of voting", stated Serri.

For the purpose of providing accurate information on voting procedures, the information contributing to the decrease of the number of invalid ballots in the election, the participants in this event were directly involved in simulation of the voting process. Also during this activity, it was explained to the citizens the procedure of complaints on Election Day.

DiA in the coming month will work especially with young people to encourage their participation in the electoral process. Similar educational activities are expected to be organized in other municipalities of Kosovo.

This activity takes place within the awareness-raising campaign of the DiA and is supported by the EU Office in Kosovo