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19 November 2017

DiA: The voting process has commenced, no serious irregularities are noted

Prishtina, 19 November 2017

Democracy in Action is monitoring the electoral process with its observers in all 1777 polling stations throughout the territory of Kosovo. The results of the 22 October local elections have led 19 municipalities into the second round, including the municipality of Partesh, which is at the revoting process. There are 1,353,613 eligible voters in these elections.

Opening of polling stations

The second round of Mayor Elections is undergoing in 614 polling centres with 1777 polling stations. According to field data, 12 polling stations were opened late, 50% of which due to commissioners not being on time. Municipalities where polling stations were opened late are Prizren (5 cases), Suhareka (3 cases), Prishtina (2 cases) as well as Klina and Rahovec (one case each).
The chairperson of the polling station 0R within the polling centre 2042 at "11 Marsi" school in municipality of Prizren did not appear at the polling station until 7:30 a.m. The process then continued normally.

Presence of propaganda material

DiA observers reported on the presence of political propaganda material within the 100 m diameter of the polling centre. This phenomenon, sanctioned by Article 85 of the Law on General Elections (LGE), has been observed in 19 polling centres or 3% of PCs at the country level. Such cases were observed in the following municipalities: Gjilan, Podujeva, Prizren, Suhareka (3 cases each), Malisheva (2 cases each).

Availability of election material

It is reported from the field that 3.4% of polling stations (or 60 PSs) at the country level lacked election material. The following municipalities lead in this aspect: Gjilan and Mitrovica (8 cases each), Klina and Prishtina (7 cases each) and Gjakova (6 cases).
DiA observers reported on the presence of less than three commissioners within one polling station. This was observed in 10 polling stations at the country level. Municipalities where this phenomenon has been most observed are: Prizren (3 cases) and Rahovec (2 cases).

Presence of unauthorized persons at polling stations

This phenomenon was observed in 44 cases, or 2.6% of polling stations. It was most observed in the following municipalities: Mitrovica (7 cases), Prishtina, Gjakova and Gjilan (6 cases each).

Other observed irregularities

At 7:45 a.m., the polling centre 0805 C at "Ali Krasniqi" school in municipality of Klina was attacked with stones, thus damaging the entrance door. Police have been at the scene but the perpetrators have not been identified.
It was reported on cases where some people voted out of the voting booth at polling station 04R within the PC 0606C at "Hysni Zajmi" school, municipality of Istog.


DiA observers will observe the electoral process throughout the day until the end of the counting process. Field information will be available to the public in real time.

DiA calls on all commissioners, political party observers and all other participants in the electoral process to be committed to meeting their obligations to guarantee free and fair elections. DiA reminds everyone that any violation during the voting day, the counting process and generally during the entire electoral process is punishable by up to 5 years of imprisonment.


Democracy in Action (DiA) is the largest local coalition of Kosovo's non-governmental organizations for election observation. This coalition has been monitoring all election processes since 2007. For the second round of Mayoral elections of 19 November, DiA has accredited about 1,800 observers, while 100 mobile teams, 130 volunteers in the Call Centre and dozens of additional staff have been assigned as support to this contingent.