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19 November 2017

DiA: The number of voters increases, the irregularities double

Prishtina, 19 November 2017

Voting turnout
The coalition of NGOs “Democracy in Action” has observed the second round of local elections. According to reports by DiA observers, 427,720 eligible voters, namely 31.6% of all eligible voters have casted their vote by 17:00h.
The voter turnout in the main municipalities of Kosovo was: Prishtina (38%), Ferizaj (34.1%), Gjakova (33.4%), Mitrovica (32.64%), Podujeva (28.48%), Gjilan (27.64%), Prizren (23.6%).

Most recorded irregularities

The most frequent irregularities in the field following the voting process until 17:00h are:

Voters facing difficulties to find their name on the Voters List.
Complaints regarding the Voters List were reported in 202 polling stations, or around 11.4% of polling stations. Municipalities where this problem is noted are Mitrovica, in 25 polling stations, Pristina,in 21 polling stations, Podujeva, in 20 polling stations, Prizren, in 15 cases.

There was family voting:
• In a total of 116 polling stations, namely expressed in percentage 6.5% of all polling stations. The following municipalities lead in this aspect: Ferizaj in 32 polling stations, Gjakova and Mitrovica in 10 polling stations, Pristina in 5 polling stations
Photographing the ballot:
• This phenomenon was noted in a total of 54 polling stations at the country level, respectively in 3% of all polling stations. In the municipality of Prishtina in 10 polling stations, in Gjakova in 8 polling stations, while in Gjilan and Ferizaj in 4 polling stations.
Cases of voting outside the voting booths:
• This was observed in a total of 29 polling stations namely in 1.6% of polling stations. This irregularity was marked in a higher rate in the municipalities of Suhareka and Podujeva in 4 polling stations each and of Prizren in 3 polling stations.
Assisting the voters more than once:
• This was observed in a total of 27 polling stations (about 1.5% of polling stations) where leading municipalities are: Prizren in 6 polling stations, Pristina in 4 polling stations, while in Gjakova, Ferizaj and Mitrovica in 2 polling stations each.
Presence of unauthorized persons in polling stations:
• This was observed in a total of 21 polling stations (around 1.2% of polling stations), where leading municipalities are: Podujeva in 4 polling stations, Gjakova and Prizren in 3 polling stations each, in Mitrovica, Prishtina, Istog in 2 polling stations each.
Attempts to vote more than once (double voting):
• This was observed in a total of 10 polling stations, where leading municipalities are: Vushtrri in 2 polling stations, whereas in Gjakova, Prishtina, Podujevo, Klina, Mitrovica, Suhareka, Ferizaj and Istogin 1 polling station each.

Some of the reported irregularities from 12:00 hrs to 17:00 hrs:

At the polling centre 0805 C in the polling centre 01R IN at “Ali Krasniqi” school in the municipality of Klina, after casting their vote, two persons have publicly displayed the ballot in front of everyone. The same case was observed also at the polling station 01R within the polling centre 0810 C at the primary school "Dėshmorėt" in the municipality of Klina, where a person has publicly displayed the ballot
At the polling centre 0805 C in the polling station 01R at "Ali Krasniqi" school in the municipality of Klina, was written the name of one of the candidates for mayor inside the voting booth.
At polling center 1101 B in the polling station 01R at "ShabanIdrizi" school in the municipality of Mitrovica, a copy of the ballot paper was found in the pocket of a person, who was arrested by the police.

At the polling centre 1906 E in the polling station 07R at the Faculty of Philology in the municipality of Prishtina, this polling station was temporarily closed after a person assisted voters to vote more than once.
At polling centre 2704 B in the polling station 05R at "MustafėVenhari" school in Vushtrri, a person has assisted voters more than once, namely in 3 cases.
At polling centre 1104 B in the polling station 05R at "Ismail Qemajli" school in the municipality of Mitrovica, a person has requested a new ballot after declaring that he has voted erroneously. The Commissioner has denied to that person the right to vote by refusing to offer a new ballot. In this same polling centre at the polling station 07R a person has damaged the signature book, marking with X the name of a voter with the claim that he does not vote here.
At the polling centre 1911E at the polling station 02R at the "Ismail Qemajli" school in the municipality of Prishtina, a person was allowed to vote with a birth certificate.
At the polling centre 0401D at the 11R polling station at the "Abaz Ajeti" school in the municipality of Gjilan, a person assisted a voter and voted in contravention to his will.
In the municipality of Prizren, persons with expired accreditation were present at the polling station.
In Malisheva municipality observers are preventing voters from exercising their right to vote.


DiA urges political entities to continue to refrain from any action that could affect the integrity of the electoral process. DiA urges added alertness from the commissioners up to the end of the counting process. We urge political entities to refrain from premature celebrations until the official announcement of the results.