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Our projects
Election Observation

Our experience in election observation begins with the 2007 Assembly elections, followed by 2009 and 2010 local and Assembly elections respectively:

  • 2007 Assembly Elections - During the 2007 Assembly elections DiA was composed of eleven organizations and it deployed observers in all polling stations of Kosovo.

  • 2009 Local Elections - During the 2009 local elections, DiA has engaged ten regional coordinators and 65 long term observers to monitor the election campaign of political parties. During the Election Day, DiA deployed one observer in each polling station of Kosovo and 150 mobile observers.

  • 2010 Assembly Elections – During the extraordinary 2010 Assembly elections, DiA supervised over 5000 observers during the election day, of whom 2280 observed the polling process and around 2280 observed the counting process. DiA also engaged 200 mobile team observers, 200 observers in the Call and Communication center and around 150 observers for the campaign monitoring.

  • 2012 Mayoral Elections– During the summer of 2012, DiA has voluntarily monitored the extraordinary local elections of Ferizaj and Kaēanik. All of DiA members sent a number of monitors in order for DiA to cover as many polling stations as possible. DiA held press conferences and issued press releases throughout the day with reports on the ongoing electoral process.

Voter Education

During 2009, DiA implemented a voter education campaign through televised video clips, educational brochures disseminated through daily newspapers, social media, sugar packages, billboards and other information means. DiA also organized a video contest for the best video produced by young voters with the aim of encouraging voters to go out to vote. During the 2010 Assembly elections DiA engaged the US ambassador in Kosovo, Christopher Dell, in one of the motivational televised ads. Additionally, KDI also helped in the research project on “Building Confidence in Elections: the Case of Electoral Monitors in Kosovo” more specifically, in choosing the messages that were used in the research and offered logistical assistance in disseminating flyers and other relevant material. During 2011, namely during the mandate of the Parliamentary Committee for Constitutional Reform, DiA in cooperation with the National Democratic Institute (NDI), supported by USAID, undertook an educational campaign related to the work of this committee and the effect of the constitutional changes, as well as in engaging citizens in public debates about the proposed changes. A TV ad with the motto “Speak Up, Be part of the Process” was produced and broadcasted in national and local televisions and radios. Billboards and flyers were designed and disseminated in all Kosovo cities before the public debates were held. After the media campaign, public debates were held in main cities of Kosovo to hear the thoughts of citizens about the constitutional reform. DiA also organized a debate with 500+ students and academic staff of the Law Faculty of the University of Prishtina. DiA continued its voter education activities during the 2012, with the support of IFES/USAID. During this campaign, DiA held over 1000 school lectures with first time voters, organized seven public debates, seven university debates, radio and tv shows, door to door campaigns in rural areas as well as the best essay contest for future voters.

Electoral Reform Advocacy

The Assembly of Kosovo adopted a resolution on April 2011 which established two parliamentary committees: 1) Constitutional Reform Committee – its mandate was to prepare a package of constitutional amendments to pave way for direct election of the president; and 2) Electoral Reform Committee – its mandate was to amend the Law on General Elections. DiA was an advisory member in both of these committees, raising civil society concerns about the electoral processes and providing recommendations to address the problems encountered during the last elections in Kosovo. The objective of our project was to influence change in electoral legislation with the aim of returning voter’s trust in the electoral processes and avoid repeating irregularities that occurred during the previous elections. DiA supported creation of multiple districts and a balanced composition of the CEC.